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Sound Travels The New

Sound Travels with all new tunes today. Monday's ritual was with a couple of new reggae songs from Natty as well as Hollie Cook that were pretty crucial and a couple of bits from South American artists Andrea Echeverri and Marcelo Jeneci

Started things with Hollie Cook, the daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook, has joined the reggae movement over at Mr. Bongo's erstwhile Brazilian Beat label. Having relesed material on their Prince Fatty release (the excellent cut "Milk and Honey") and now all on one of her own. On the self-titled debut, you can hear her professed love of girl groups and female reggae singers like Phyllis DIllon and Janet Kay throughout the album, and a solid debut at that. Followed that nice original with a very positive reggae tune from an artist called Natty. Natty is a young UK artist, who has a nice and accessible reggae sound with positive themes. "Change," which I played today, a perfect example of that.

Hollie Cook "Body Beat feat. Horseman" Hollie Cook

Natty "Change" Change EP

We shifted to South America in the second part of the set. Brazilian, Marcelo Jenecihad an irresistable slice of Brazilian pop. And we closed the set out with something from Andrea Echeverri's awesome new album Dos. Andrea is also the lead singer in another Colombian band, Aterciopelados. She won a Grammy for her first solo album and I see no reason why she won't be in the discussion for this one, which is poppy, smart and nuanced, highlighting her voice and presentation in a way not found on Aterciopelados' releases to the same degree. Enjoy...

Marcelo Jeneci "Copo D'agua" Feito Pra Acabar

Andrea Echeverri "Yo" Dos

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