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'Respect The Architect' Film Festival Pick | How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr. Foster?

Before my career in Radio, I practiced architecture in my past life.  I received my Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University in 1996. Five years all-nighters, ramen noodle fests, glue gun burns, x-acto blade wounds, and professors reducing some of my hard work to something a cat would vomit.  After all of that, I graduated and someone trusted me enough to work on real projects from Detroit's new Midfield Terminal to various retail spaces across the country.  

Even though I'm working in radio and having a lots of fun, I do miss design and architecture.  My love and passion has not deteriorated one bit, since I was wide-eyed freshemen at Howard University.  Just like every architecture student, I always had my favorite architects such as Zaha Hadid, Peter Eismenman, and I.M Pei.  However, one arhitect that really got my interest later in my career was Norman Foster. Norman Foster truly understood design and how it could really chance the way we live and think about our surroundings.  The one building that really got me interested in the work of Norman Foster is the Swiss Re building. Besides is amazing structure, the building was designed to use half the energy of a traditional structure of similar size. 

I always wanted to know about Mr Foster and is philosophy and inspiration, and a new documentary called "How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr. Foster" aims to tell his story. The film, directed by Carlos Carcas, blends personal interviews with imagery of some of Foster's amazing structures including the world's largest building, China's Beijing's Airport.

“the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise a building…” - Norman Foster

Check out the trailer below and then catch the film at the Oriental Theatre tonight (9/27/11) at 5:15pm or Thursday (9/29/11) at North Cinema at 7:30pm or Saturday (10/1/11) at 4:45pm at Ridge Cinema. Details available at Milwaukee Film Festival's website.


Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee