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Dirty Beaches ( I'm not talking about Bradford, (which is actually pretty clean these days))

I know it's early(-ish), but the routine I'm in moves to a beat, and I come across cuts all day; just how I do, with my sonic gong fu. The echoes I'm on, brought me some songs, best thing I heard all day is actually from some Dirty Beaches.

Though the wordplay of the name is not lost on me, these cats do have a dirty sound both literally and figuratively but for these Beaches it's more than that. On their October release Badlands, Alex Zhang Hungtai and the band have crafted a release built on the marriage of many sounds. Rockabilly, lo-fi, surf and punk rub shoulders with the blues and do indeed get dirty in a way both nostalgic and dynamic. Imagine a young Elvis chanelling Roy Orbison backed by The Black Lips for a David Lynch soundtrack to a movie set in the 60's about WIlliam Burroughs' visit to Morocco to do acid and it might blow your mind like it did mine when I heard it this morning. 

Dirty Beaches "Sweet 17"

"Lord Knows Best"

Check the links, the band is pretty good at the virtual; with a dope blog, and songs on all the usual sites. I also love that their sense of nostalgia includes an appreciation for making tapes (time to bust out the walk-man). And for being sorta new, they've got good videos too...

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