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Singapore Swing Sling

Sound Travels to Southeast Asia this week on a junket, searching for vintage sounds for the noontime spot. And today we linked up with another Sublime Frequencies release, Singapore A Go-Go!, for another tasty slice of ethnographic funkiness.

This time, the sound is definitively 60's, beat and pop sounds from an area of the world challenging long-standing beliefs that Chinese music can't swing. All of the tunes on this comp are dope, but I picked six of these shorties to fit today's Sound Travellers.

Charlie Electric Guitar Band's Sound Of Japan "Diamond"

Charlie Electric Guitar Band's Sound Of Japan "Tough Time Missing You"

Lim Ling and The Silvertones "Oh No!"

Lim Ling and The Silvertones "Love Is Like Dew and Flowers"

Dong Rong and The Stylers "You Are A Heartless Person"

Mei Fing with Tony and The Polar Bear "Secretly Love You"

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