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Mali In The Mix(tape)

This weekend the Sound Travels Mixtape was a bit slower in tempo this week as we took a longer listen to some amazing music from the Sahara. Mali music in the mix, that was more a meditation on the many modes of making music from an unlikely third-world powerhouse of solid sould; Mali.

Much of the set was new(ish), with Vieux Farka Toure, JuJu, Tinariwen and Group Doueh in the mix; all of whom by the way, have new albums. With so many great new releases I wanted to showcase the sound, Here's that mix again...

MALI MUSIC MIXTAPE by radiomilwaukee


Bombino "Tenere" Agadez

Tinariwen "Tenere Toqam Tossam" Tassili

Terakaft "Alghalem" Aratan'N'Azawad

Amal Saha "Sabra and Shatilla" Ecstatic Music of Jemaa El Fna

Group Doueh "Zaya Koum" Zayna Jumma

Gnawa Del Son "La Ilaha Illa Allah" Samaoui

Gnawa Kronik "Waynkoum Ya Reejal"  Stronghold Sound Presents: The Audio Refuge 

The Sway Machinery "Youba" The House Of Friendly Ghosts

JuJu "Nightwalk" In Trance

Vieux Farka Toure "Borei" The Secret

Baba Salah "Bakoye Terey" Gao

SMOD "Tidjija" Ça Chante

Amadou & Mariam "Beaux Dimanches" 

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee