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The Un-Latin Sound of Latin America

More of the sound from Latin America on Sound Travels. The thing about these sone though is that they definitely sound different than what we tend to think of when we think of Latin America. Modern, and mixing many different and divergent sounds into a sensibility distincty Latin, the sound is loosely known as mestizaje. You could however, also call it Latin Pop, but what we're doing on Sound Travels this week is to show you how diverse Latin Music can be with songs that are sonically stradling some different sorts of borders be they ska, punk or funk; maybe cumbia, reggae and flamenco...

Hombres G "Lawrence De Arabia" Hombres G

Trashtucada "Demogracia" Tirate Del Puente

Rebeleon "Yo No Voy (Mad Professor Mix)" 

King Chango "One Of A Kind" Azucah Selector

Rene Lopez "E.L.S." E.L.S.

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee