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Glorioso's: The History Behind The Shelves/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 1



We're starting off 2012 looking at the people, places and things that help 'Make Milwaukee' unique or creative in some way, shape or form. This may range from the culinary arts, performing arts, visual/fine arts, or anything that is culturially or historically significant.

Culinary Arts: We're going to tackle this in many ways, one being grocery stores. We'll do this by looking at the art of food and business helping create a community...We all know Gloriosos. It's the family-owned Italian Market that has been sitting on Milwaukee's Lower East Side for over 65 years. When you walk into Gloriosos, you're bound to bump into a smile, a Glorioso family member, or the lively atmosphere that produces & stocks more than just cheese, olive oil and Italian specialities.

I had the pleasure of meeting Felix Glorioso, son of Joe Glorioso, one of the three brothers that started the market way back when. To hear a little about the Glorioso family, the store's history or how Gloriosos has had an impact on the Brady Street Community, then click the podcast below.

Thanks to Gloriosos for helping "Make" Milwaukee's Brady Street Community.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee