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Carte Blanche Theater presents: Emergency Room/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 3

Puppets tend to freak me out; I'm not sure why, but they just do...especially life-size ones...but, hey, I got past my fear when I sat down at Carte Blanche Studios, located in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood, to talk with Andrew Parchman, Peter Smith, and Jason Hillman, the actors, artists, puppeteers, directors, and general instigators of Carte Blanche and their production of Emergency Room.

Emergency Room is part of the North American New Plays Festival, and is one of just many original and edgy new plays taking place. I am not going to say more about the play: I will let Andrew, Peter, and Jason tell you all about it. Just scroll down and click on the podcast to hear more!

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee