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RIP Davy Jones. Monkees Lead Singer Dies at the age of 66

We've received some sad new today.  Davy Jones, lead singer of the 60s pop group THE MONKEES, died in his home in Florida at the age of 66. 

The Monkees are arguably, the most popular "fake band" of all time.  The band was created to be the cast of the television show of the same name.  Davey was the Englishman of the quartet, and continued to perform right up to his untimelt passing.

I wanted to dedicate today's 2 O'Clock Break to Davey and the music of the Monkees.

I was thinking of playing "Ziltch" or "(Theme From) The Monkees" as they had both cool sample connections.  But today I wanted to play the very best Monkees sample... "Mary, Mary"



(For a "made for TV" band, they sure are bad a faking it on this one...LOL)

This song has been sampled by several artists over the years.


Double Trouble and Rebel MC "Just Keep Rockin'"



De La Soul "Change In Speak"



And the VERY VERY best, RUN-DMC's "Mary, Mary"


RIP Davy Jones.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee