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Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA | Safe Streets, Healthy Kids

You’re not going to get better if you stop practicing. It makes sense whether you’re training for an athletic decathlon or an academic one.

And summer vacation is no different. Summer can be a good opportunity for kids to catch up on reading or get into hobbies, but many kids can experience ‘summer learning loss’ over vacation. Many kids can fall behind in their academics and be susceptible to weight gain.

The YMCA is helping to counteract summer learning loss by hosting Healthy Kids Day at YMCA’s across the country to get the word out about their summer programming including day camps, martial arts, dance classes and more.

Healthy Kids Day is a way to see many of the Y’s summer programming options in one place and get a head start on signing up.

I went to talk to some of the kids and adults about what they were signing up for and what they like about going to the Y.
To see all the options the YMCA has to offer check out their website here.


Photos Courtesy of Mikaela Balfany



Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee