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Counting Crows Release New Music Via BitTorrent, Milwaukee's Field Report To Tour With Them This Summer

Have you ever wonder what happened to Counting Crows?  Well, they are back, and will be releasing a new album called Underwater Sunshine.  To help promote the album, the band will be releasing   4 tracks for free via BitTorrent, which has been "Krytnonite" to the RIAA and MPAA.  Included in the torrent will be liner notes and artwork. Counting Crows's frontman Adam Duritz calls file-sharing the new radio station.

 "If you got 150 million people on BitTorrent, then that’s the new radio station," he said. "That’s a better radio station in fact, because people have the choice to play it as much as they want and stop when they get sick of it."

Take a listen to the tracks that you get from the torrent.

Counting Crows - "Untitlted (Love Song)"

Counting Crows - "Hospital"

Counting Crows - "Meet On The Ledge"

Counting Crows - "Like Teenage Gravity"

In other related Counting Crows' news, Milwaukee's Field Report will be touring with the band later this summer. I mentioned before that Adam Duritz is a huge fan and supporter of the band. Field Report joins Counting Crows on tour in Brooklyn on July 17 at Williamsburg Park. You can also check out Field Report's Daytrotter session, which was just released via Daytrotter's website.

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