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Listen and Download A New Song From Ben Folds Five's Forthcoming Album 'The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind'

Recently the North Carolina band Ben Folds Five reunited for a tour and a new album.  They also played a show at this year's Summerfest.  The name of their new album is called The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind.  Their new album was completely funded by the fans via Pledge Music (you can still support the album via this link).  Think of Pledge Music as a dedicated kickstarter site for musicians. The album will be released on September 18 and it is Ben Folds Five's first new album in 13 years. 

For those who can't wait for the album, the band had kindly given away a track to download in exchange for an email.  Take a listen and download if you like, and let us know what you think.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee