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Miami Sound, Cuban Roots


Every week on Sound Travels we explore a theme of some sorts and this week the thread picks up in Cuba. While the focus is on Cuban music, the wrinkle here is that the music was actually made and produced in Miami. Miami, if I'm not mistaken, is home to the largest delegation of Cuban immigrants in the US. Given Miami's proximity to Cuba, this should come as no surprise to many of you all out there. What that has meant for Miami, given the emigres' reluctance to abandon their own customs, is that Miami has a distinctly latin feel to it. This is refelected in many aspects of daily life, and of course, in the music.  

The music is a key part of the Cuban diaspora in the post-Revolution years – and many of the artists here brought over a heavy Latin groove from Havana, then reworked it with some hip American influence – all making for a fresh flurry of styles as envinced in the music that I shared with you all today...

Luis Santi "Los Peligrosos"

Ray & His Court "Sunny"

Manteca "Abacua"

Orquesta Suprema "Bacunayagua"

Pearly Queen "Quit Jivin'"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee