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High School Freshman's Response to Bullies

Hannah Mrozak is an aspiring singer and actress.  And for a 14-year-old, she's got some pipes!

If you listen to her music, you probably would have no idea she's just barely in high school.  Her music is deeply personal, describing her emotional struggles with heartbreak and abuse.

Like too many kids, she was bullied for three years in middle school.  

Mrozak says it was a mix of physical and verbal abuse, and the bullies caused her severe depression.  At its worst, she says a textbook thrown at her head and a locker was slammed in her face.  She was also constantly nagged about her appearance.

Enough was enough.

After months of hiding her depression from her parents, she finally went to them and sought help.  Together, they went to the school's principal, confronted the bully, and the issue was handled.  While the damage was already done, her parents and principal helped to ensure it wouldn't continue.

Looking back, Mrozak says getting adults involved was absolutely the "right decision."

Now, she's a freshman at Slinger High School.  While much has changed in her life since middle school, she is turning those traumatic experiences into musical inspiration.

This track is called "It's in Me.  It explores her troubled past, and shows how she overcame her struggles.

You can check out her music video below.





Hannah is working on a full length album of original music.


For the audio version of this story, including her advice to bullied kids, click the podcast player below.