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La Musique Quebecois et La Fete du Beaujoulais Nouveaux!

Making our trip fracophonique all week on Sound Travels and we continued that trend today with a batch of goodies from French Canada, specifically Quebec. Another place we really have never focused on with Sound Travels. Mission accomplished. 

I have another reason for being on the French tip, the Alliance Française is having a party and I'm DJ-ing it so I thought I'd brush up a bit before I got there. Really, anyone can come to the event, it's called the Fête du Beaujoulais and is an excellent opportunity to work your conversational French skills and drink some fabulous wine. My advice is to try it, it starts at 6pm at The Intercontinental Hotel downtown. Last year we had a blast and this year's should be even more fun!

If you missed the set, here it is again...



Alys Robi "Tico Tico"

Jean LeLoup "I Lost My Baby"

Mes Aïeux "Dégénérations"

Cœur De Pirat "Danse et Danse"

DobaCaracol "Étrange"

Mad'Moizèle Giraf "Gig Brune"

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