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Local First Milwaukee: Why supporting "local" matters


     Nancy Quinn from Local First Milwaukee explains why it's important to support businesses with Milwaukee roots. 


"Every time you buy something, you vote for the world you want."  That's a slogan found on the website of Local First Milwaukee, an organization committed to keeping local businesses in the forefront of consumer's minds. Their message is simple, support the truly local businesses in Milwaukee, and we can keep our city vibrant unique.

LFM was formed in 2006, when a group of like-minded local business owners got

together to address concerns about chain stores moving into small neighborhoods. Their goal: to make Milwaukee a more sustainable community by creating a network of members that would highlight the unique character of their respective businesses.

A lot of businesses claim to be local, because they have an office/branch/store in the area. Local First Milwaukee has a strict set of qualifications that businesses must meet before they can be members of LFM. 

Reducing environmental impact, creating more jobs and supporting community groups are just a few effects of spending your money on locally owned business. For details on how buying local over national chains affects our economy, click here

Over 200 businesses and non-profits are members of LFM. Their new website features a directory of local businesses, local offers and discounts from members and information on how to become a part of this movement.

LFM's Buy Local Gift Fair is being held this Saturday at Lakefront Brewery. Information on this free event is found here.