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Trini Steel, Drum Orchestras

Perhaps nothing evokes Trinidad more than the instrument most closely associated with it; the steel drum. Also known as the steelpan and played by groups most-resembling orchestras, the cascading melodies are the beguilingly sweet sound of cleverly hammered and cut 55-gallon steel drums. 

Originally, Trinidadians would beat sticks together in mock combat as accompaniment to traditional drums. Subsequent use of said sticks in rebellions against their French captors resulted in their ban. In response, the people brought out pots and pans and other more common items as a way to bring music to carnival, which for them was called canboulay. From there, the evolution to the steel drums of today is clear and a topic for today's Sound Travels. Here's what you heard...  

Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra "90% Of Me Is You"

Jamaican Steel Band "T.S.O.P."

Esso Trinidad Steel Band "I Want You Back"

Lambeth Community Youth Steel Orchestra "Sound Of Silence"

Jamaican Steel Band "Carmelita"

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