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Chicha Libre's Psychedelic Cumbia, New EP

New-school cumbia maestros, Chicha Libre are at it again with a new EP highlighting a new progression of their retro style psychedelic Peruvian cumbia sound. This Brookly-based crew is a melting pot of nationalities with members hailing from France, Venezuela, Mexico and the US of A. Their new release is an EP called Quatro Tigres and is out now on Barbes Records. Quatro Tigres EP is a follow up to their 2012 release Canibalismo, which saw the band trying mostly new songs, showing a deeper grasp of their particularly vintage sound.

On Quatro Tigres, Chicha Libre turns its attention to interpreting some classic songs from The Clash, Arthur Lee's Love and even the Simpsons’ theme song. As far as EP's go, this one is nice and a great restart that might get a few people into a sound they would be hard-pressed to discover. 


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee