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Playworks 'Making Recess Count' for MPS Students

national non-profit called Playworks is working in 12 Milwaukee Public Schools, helping students learn outside the classroom during recess.

"Recess in our schools can be some of the more chaotic and unstructured times.  It's also when some of the bullying happens," said Dan Schiller, program director at Playworks Milwaukee.

Certified coaches take every opportunity to stress inclusivity during recess; instead of small cliques playing individually, the staff encourages the class to play as a group.  

The coaches also lead the class in organized games and teach students the basics of sportsmanship -- things like saying "good game" or playing rock-paper-scissors to determine who goes first, Schiller said.

And the goal is more than 'organized fun.'

"It's team for the sake of team.  It's play for the sake of play.  And everyone needs some of that," Schiller said.  

"That inclusiveness also helps them to be better citizens and better school community members," he added.

To connect with Playworks, or to volunteer, visit it's official website.  And click the podcast player to join a group of third graders from  Allen Field Elementary School as they take part in the program at recess.