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Out of The Woodwork...Afro Hip Hop From Kenya's Bamboo

New music on Sound Travels all day, a track an hour, that's the deal. We started the way with a dope lil hip hop cut laced around some sweet Congolese guitar from California-via-Kenya rapper known simply as Bamboo. I discovered him through a well-written piece over at the Fader, now you can too...



The song is a dope summer jam flipping Congolese guitar over a beat that was born to compliment it, featuring some fresh flows in Swahili from an unlikely player. Bamboo, is apparently a Cali-native whose youthful predilection for getting into trouble prompted his Kenyan-born parents to ship him straight back to the Motherland.

In Kenya, he grew up a lil, learned some Swahili and started cutting razor sharp hip hop cuts. Glad he did, this is gonna be on many a mixtape for me... 



Also, thought I'd share the video for the tune he's flipping, a transcendent tune from Congolese guitar master Franco called "Mamou."



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