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Release The Robot

This week's Seven O'Clock Sample theme is simply DAFT PUNK.  With the release of Random Access Memeories, there has been a lot of talk about Daft Punk this week.  While the new album contains only one sample, their body of work, contains many great samples.  This new album is the first full length Daft Punk project since 2005's Human After All.  This album was meet with mix reviews and lowers sales, but it's story is unlike any other Daft Punk project.  It was recorded in just two weeks, and was mixed and finished in under four weeks.  Not bad for a month of work.

The biggest hit from this record has got to be "Technologic." But the next biggest single was "Robot Rock"!

While the video would leave you to belive that the french duo played this one live, it's actually a sample from Breakwater's 1980 track "Release The Beast".

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