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Elastic Bond(ing), gets Real

Right after the weeks picks for New Music Wednesday, Sound Travels continued the trend to debut with another new tune; this time, from Miami's Elastic Bond. As unenticing as the name may sound, this crew is rich with flavor. Latin music for the new school and prism that bends light into many hues. The new album Real, is set for release on Nacional Records on June 25th but I had an early listen for you today. A song of sophistocated syncopation, tropical and funky in equal measure.


The album is nice; reminiscent of other Latin funkers like Los Amigos Invisibles but with a touch of A Tribe Called Quest's boom bap, Julieta Venegas' cold Latin pop meets the all-out-ness of the Black Keys. Elastic Bond is music menudo, their stuff is disgustingly tasty and will have you serving yourself seconds...


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee