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New Documentary Proves That The Death Of The Cassette Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Remember when people said that the CD will kill off vinyl records? Turned out that not only is vinyl still around but it is thriving and growing and in some cases selling better than CDs. The same was said of the durable cassettes.  Guess what? That little, old cassette tape is making a comeback as well.  Ironically, the Oxford Dictionary removed the term Cassette Tape back in 2011. There was something special about the cassette tape. One of those things is making a mixtape.  It was a time comsuming process, but there was always something personal about the process.  Some artists are now releasing new material on cassette tape, but why the resurgance of this 'archaic' media format? A new documentary examines the past, and the future of the cassette tape.

The film is called Cassette: A Documentary, and it was succesfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign and will be released late 2013 or early 2014.  The film features interveiws from collectors, fans, cassette manufacturers and artists such as Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye from Fugazi.  Check out the trailer below and to learn more visit the film's website here.

Cassette Documentary Trailer, July 2013 from Zack Taylor on Vimeo.


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