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Iraqi teens visit Milwaukee

A small group of young Iraqi students have headed home after spending two weeks visiting Milwaukee.

They were here for a series of cultural experiences and leadership training, including visits to non-profit organizations, universities, and government agencies.  The visit was coordinated by the Global Youth Leadership Institute, a Milwaukee based non-profit.

"What we are doing with these Iraqi youth is really living out our mission of trying to prevent the next 9/11 or Boston Bombing," said Matt Nink, executive director of GYLI.

Nink said the goal is to engage youth at a young age while they're "still in formation."

The students each had to complete lengthy applications, and were up against stiff competition.  Those who were selected were standout students and academically accomplished, Nink said.

The GYLI hosts students from other countries for visits to Milwaukee and other U.S. cities, including Washington D.C. and Chicago.  For more, visit the  official website.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee