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Todo Mundo!

Reggae, samba and rhumba was the melange of sounds you heard around noon on Sound Travels as I played an Argentine band called Todo Mundo for our lunchtime stop. Todo Mundo is a band whose sound was born in Argentina in 2009 but really came to life four years later in San Diego, California. Formed by Colombian expat Santiago Orozco, he knew that to gain the audience they'd need, he'd have to move. The process was a long one however, and while he made the move to San Diego, the other members of the band had to wait three years to get the necessary papers to follow. Rather than lose heart or abandon the group, Orozco did the dirty work, performing at farmer's markets and making local connections necessary to build a following.

Fast forward four years and rejoined by his erstwhile mates, the band began anew and in earnest in San Diego. There they found a huge audience for their sublime fusion of musical forces; becoming one of the city's biggest acts. Their mix of Caribbean, reggae and Latin vibes as well as their high-energy live performances make them an excellent band to see. That and their noted emphasis on bringing culture, and people together into the moment; a unity. But hey, that's what a band called Todo Mundo should be right?

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee