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5 Songs That We Can't Stop Listening To This Week

88nine is the place to go for new music. If you feel like your playlist is getting a little stale, and you already played out last week’s album, this column is for you. Every week, our DJs have been listen to the newest/latest. We get albums from distributors, local musicians, and music blogs like this one. Then we meet on Monday and listen to our favorite tracks. The top four get posted to New Music Wednesday, and usually the rest get left on the cutting room floor. This is their chance for redemption! These songs are great, and a lot of effort went into selecting them. We dug them, so we thought you might dig them.

Angel Olsen- Hi-Five

Angel Olsen starts Hi-Five off by honing her inner Hank Williams with a gritty-vibrattoed “I’m so lonesome I could cry.” On paper, Hi-Five is a country song, but she has replaced an acoustic guitar with an electric guitar with reverb and distortion pedals to boot. Her sophomore album Burn Your Fire For No Witness is out February 18 th on Jagjaguwar



Silversun Pickups- Cannibal

You are probably familiar with Silversun Pickups from their 2006 smash song Lazy Eye, which featured relatively minimal guitar and drum. Their new single, Cannibal has more edge and weight to it, while maintaining those unique vocals. The single is available on iTunes now.



Metronomy- I’m Aquarius

Metronomy’s I’m Aquarius is your go-to late night chill out song. Carrying minimal electric elements and straight-forward vocals, let this one tickle your brain when you close your eyes. But keep those eyes open, because this video is an art piece of its own. The album, Love Letters, is out on March 10 th.



John Grant- GMF

Sometimes, we go back in the archive to check on a song that may have slipped through our cracks, but is still worth listening to and playing. John Grant’s GMF was that song this week. The album, Pale Green Ghosts, was released in May 2013 to much critical acclaim. The song is really beautiful, with very strong songwriting. If you listen, you will realize why we could never play it on our airwaves, otherwise we most certainly would.



Sam Smith- Money On My Mind  

British singer-songwriter, Sam Smith, shows off his impressively smooth and soulful falsetto vocals on this track.  Not only is the beat is captivating but the chorus is highly infectious in this R&B/ electronic song.  His debut single, “Money on My Mind,” comes out February 16, 2014, and his new album with Capitol Records,  In the Lonely Hour, is set to be released on May 26, 2014.