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Thievery Corporation south; Brazil's Bossacucanova strikes

Grammy-nominated Bossacucanova is back in 2014 with another fresh batch of electro-pop bossa nova beats, breaks and carioca sounds on a new release called Our Kind of Bossa out now on Six Degrees Records. A sound that they helped pioneer way back in the late 90's as electronic producers and traditionionalists looked to collaborate, make something old new and in the case of Bossacucanova that sound was Brazilian bossa nova and samba carioca. Márcio Menescal, son of bossa nova pioneer Roberto Menescal and jazzy drum & bass producer DJ Marcelinho Da Lua are the backbone of this outfit that has a Brazilian Thievery Corporation vibe to them and breezy, fun sound that is augmented by a cast of vocalists live.

I've been following them since their beginning in 1999, and their sound hasn't radically changed and in 2014 it is far from radical. But what they do well, and this is evident on their latest, is make really catchy songs that carry a playfulness that's hard to resist. Don't believe me? Try this...

Bossacucanova - Balanc?a (Não Pode Parar) (2013) from Miolo Filmes on Vimeo.

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