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Happy Birthday J Dilla

Today we celebrate the late-great J Dilla.  James "Jay Dee","J Dilla","Dilla Dog" Yancey was born February 7th, 1974.  In his time here with us, J Dilla left us with some of the best hip hop and soul music our our generation.  His death on February 10th 2006, came poetically close to the date of his birth.  So all this past week, we have been looking at some the the track Dilla was responsible for.

In 1999, he teamed up with his long time friend and collaborator, Q-Tip on his solo album Amplified.

Those amazing drums come from the Vibrettes song "Humpty Dump"...

The cool guitar lick comes from Joe Pass song "Giant Steps"

Listen closely at 2:56...




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