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Matthewdavid got next...

Beatsmith  Matthewdavid is so far underground I get that you've prolly never heard cat. But the man's skills are solid;  his mini-LP of free edits in 2012 and  Jewelry, released on his own Leaving label were both solid pieces while his 2011  Brainfeeder debut Outmind was a grimey shot that fit Brainfeeder's steez to a 'T'. On July 1, he returns to Flying Lotus' label with the proper follow-up called  In My World. The title cut is available via iTunes right now and it's kinda' dope. Slithery new-school R&B that intriguingly evokes the old-school. Somewhere in the middle the song gets a slow-rap treatment that is as surprising and awesome. I can't wait to see what happens with this...




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