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Still Waters Collective

"We have poets..young people that have been working all year," Dasha Kelly announces to a crowded auditorium. "They're going to come together and dangle their soul in front of the microphone."

It's the Milwaukee High School Slam League Championships at the King Center on Vliet Street in Milwaukee. Teams from 16 schools have been competing all year long, and now only the top 5 have the chance to win a trophy and bragging rights for 2014 League Champions. These competitions are the result of a successful program put on by Dasha Kelly and her non-profit, Still Waters Collective. What started as a resource network for language enthusiasts of all ages to come together to express themselves through creative writing and poetry, has grown into a city-wide program that brings together Milwaukee teens.

Congratulations goes out to....Rufus King High Schoo! They took home the trophy and bragging rights for 2014's Milwaukee High School Slam League Championships.

Learn more about Still Waters Collective and the positive influence it's had on a few Milwaukee teens by listening to the story above. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee