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In the 88Nine Studio with Strand of Oaks

The name of the new Strand of Oaks album is HEAL. It’s not a metaphor, although maybe it is a metaphor too, but lead singer, Tim Showalter hit a patch of ice driving from Indiana to Philadelphia on Christmas Day last year and slammed into two semi-trucks, breaking every rib on his right side. And maybe the whole experience gave him a new appreciation on life because when he came to our studio he was glowing with positive energy. When he came off the bus it looked like he stepped off a motorcycle, long black hair, long black beard, leather vest, tattoos on all available extremities, smoking a cigarette. I thought he was going to start a fight, but instead he gave me a big hug and said, “I love Milwaukee!” He was grinning ear to ear about recounting an early show of his at the Cactus Club and eating tater tots at Palomino. His natural charisma and charm carried him in his special performance in our studio space that afternoon. Listen to the whole thing as well as Tim’s ideas about new classic albums, his decision to quit teaching and take up music full time, and his excursions in Milwaukee in our interview in the link below. 


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