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Weekly Download | Corbu, "Neon Hallway"

This week's download, "Neon Hallway," comes from a New York band by the name of Corbu. The song, "Neon Hallway" is from Corbu's latest EP called Everything You Imagine Is Real.  

Corbu is the music and visual art project of Jonathan Graves, who writes hazy, retro-futuristic pop songs and draws from a gradient of influences from Aphex Twin to the Beatles, from dusty VHS sci-fi to architecture textbooks. Joined by a growing collective that includes Todd Hoellerman, Amanda Scott, Julian Ferraldo, Brian Murphey and Chris Kuklis, Corbu lit up the UK in 2014 with their debut EP, "We Are Sound." Its pastel, guitar-led title track was championed immediately by Zane Lowe, and led to enthusiastic support by the Guardian, NME, Stereogum and many others.

Download Corbu's "Neon Hallway" (right click and save as)


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