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LOLLAPALOOZA 2015: Day 2 Recap

Today, we had the pleasure of talking to Minneapolis band Hippo Campus, plus Moon Taxi and Django Django.

We got to the grounds a little later than yesterday and everyone’s schedules were moving around. There was a lot of talking to peoples’ “people” and sort of fun buzzing in the air. It was also sufficiently hotter than yesterday, which made it seem a little hectic. Despite all of the hoops we had to jump through, it was almost unnoticeable being among massage tables and free White Castle sliders.

Today confirmed that the hottest new album is "Currents," from Tame Impala.


Yesterday we thought Coin just had good taste when they chose “The Less I Know the Better,” -- from "Currents" -- for 5 Songs We (Justin Barney) Can’t Stop Listening To. But today had us believing everyone is just as excited as we are about the new record, when Hippo Campus chose the song “Let it Happen,” and  Moon Taxi chose “Yes I’m Changing” -- both from "Currents" -- for the songs they can’t stop listening to.

We bonded with Hippo Campus over our mutual love of King Kunta (along with Tame Impala’s "Let it Happen," of course):


Two guys from Moon Taxi talked about the last time they were in Milwaukee:

We goofed around with half of Django Django, Jim (bass) and Tommy (piano):


Check out our visual recap of day two:


We could feel the heat from the flames on stage this far back at DJ Carnage.

Tyler threw toilet paper at people and looked cool in a weird shirt and everyone loved him.

Charlie XCX wore a bad ass pair of leather shorts that I was jealous of.

Staying cool around Lolla in the heat.

Photo credit: Julian Cedron

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee