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'No Diggity,' the song that saved us from The Macarena

In the fall of 1996, "The Macarena" topped the U.S. Billboard charts.  It was... weird, to say the least, an inexplicable moment in history when a silly wedding-style choreographed dance captivated the world.

And it didn't go away fast.  In fact, The Macarena's 1st place reign of terror continued for 14 weeks straight.

But it all came to a close when Blackstreet and Dr. Dre teamed up for the now-unforgettable track, "No Diggity."  It debuted #1 and remained there for weeks to come. 

Since then, "No Diggity" has been a house party staple and has been covered dozens of times by a slew of diverse artists.

For today's 5 o'clock shadow, we heard a total reworking of the song, as performed by Chet Faker.  Check out the videos below, and if you dare, relive The Macarena.





The Macarena.  Sigh.