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The Cure's high-water mark turns 30 years-old today

You could ask ten Cure fans what their fave Cure album is and get ten different answers. You could make a good case for 'Disintegration', ditto 'Seventeen Seconds' or 'Three Imaginary Boys' but for me, it's 'The Head on the Door', which turns 30 today(!) It has it all: the minor-key, brooding anthem 'A Night Like This', the simple, breathy hand-claps/organ pop gem, 'Close To Me', the Eastern-inflected 'Kyoto Song' and 'Six Different Ways' which presaged the whole 'Orch-pop' genre by 4-5 years. But when you boil it all down, the defining song from 'The Head On The Door' was the ebullient masterpiece, 'In Between Days'. In fact if someone read this piece to you and you are of a certain age, you wouldn't need the photo to recall the indelible imagery of Robert Smith and company whirling around in day-glo makeup with superimposed socks in the song's video. If you've never seen the video, then, you're welcome.

The Cure - Inbetween Days from feelthemonster on Vimeo.

We get the cover from Ben Folds, who replaces all that wonderful guitar work with piano, his strong suit.

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