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Today is Nick Cave's 58th Birthday

Pity Nick Cave on his birthday. He turns 58 today and even though he once fronted a band called The Birthday Party, he doesn't seem like a huge birthday celebrator. What's more is that Nick is just two months removed from the tragic, sudden falling death of his son Arthur, 15, in July. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick about fifteen years ago for and while there were contentious portions in the hour we spent chatting, we had a fruitful conversation. I ended up giving him a lift back to his hotel and came away with an even more profound respect for him. I've always held his songwriting in the highest regard and consider him in the highest echelon of songwriters working today. So, despite what is most certainly a dark period in his life, I want to honor him on his birthday with a nice reading of his song "People Ain't No Good" by another artist I hold in high regard, Lloyd Cole.

And here's Lloyd Cole's version:

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