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John Oliver’s Miller High Life Theatre show postponed

A man with a worried expression holds a microphone stand with an empty theater behind him, except for one usher sitting in the front row.
Pabst Theater Group

There are lots of benefits to the writers strike ending this week. For the writers themselves, you’ve got better compensation, more secure employment and some ground rules for artificial intelligence. For the rest of us, entertainment we love comes back soon.

Well, some entertainment. Other forms are actually getting pushed back further, like John Oliver’s appearance at the Miller High Life Theatre that was scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 29. Because talk shows are among the first properties to resume work, Oliver has postponed the show to Oct. 29 so he can get Last Week Tonight up and running again.

Pabst Theater Group, which operates the Miller High Life Theatre, said in a statement that if you’re unable to attend the new date, you should email by Oct. 13. Otherwise, all previously issued tickets are still good for the new date and don’t need to be exchanged.

Since your plans just changed and you find yourself with some time to fill, here’s Oliver talking about the Famous Racing Sausages in the context of a discussion about utilities: