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Immortal Girlfriend plug into a wild collab for their next live show

Three men in dark clothing stand on a rainy street while lightning crackles around them.
Tesla Knight Productions

Milwaukee duo Immortal Girlfriend find themselves in a rare position 10 days prior to their Jan. 19 live show at Dresden Castle in Cudahy. To hype the show, they can say with 100% certainty that the performance will be electric, shocking and as high-energy as they come.

The Dark Knights of Synth can make such a promise because of who — or, more accurately, what — they’ll share the stage with that night: honest-to-goodness lightning.

The unique addition to the concert comes courtesy of Tesla Knight Productions and MUSX, which will add tesla coils to the usual microphones, speakers and other gear. But it’s not just about pyrotechnics. The crackling accessory will add to the music, becoming another instrument in the mix at the same time that it lights up the space.

Considering Immortal Girlfriend’s sound, it’s hard to imagine a better-fitting natural element for the collaboration. Heavy fog maybe, although the audience’s sight lines would be horrible, and it would add nothing from a musical perspective. Lightning seems like just the thing to bring even more atmosphere to the sounds of brothers Kevin and William Bush, who dropped a couple live videos in November and — according to their Instagram — have new music “on the horizon.”

In the meantime, they dipped into their back catalog to give us a preview of the Jan. 19 show, which also features independent electronic producer and musician Starcadian. You can check out Immortal Girlfriend’s coil-accompanied performance of “Others” below and pick up tickets to the concert via the Dresden Castle website.