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NilexNile takes us through his creative journey on 414 Live

Nile takes us through his creative journey on 414 Live after his latest release " Treason Youth" which he describes as a release that is a recreation of his life--keeping it interesting. And he delivers with his reinging title as "the Kendrick of Milwaukee."

Jordan talks to Nile about his journey in music, how he navigates sound and gets into some deep conversation on influential hip-hop legacies and anime culture. Nile started his career in middle school, performed at a talent show and that was it. Nile has made a career in music and states, "I want to come from an honest space. I want people to understand I can be relatable. I just want to deliver good content. "

NilexNile brought us a special performance with surprise guest Liza Jane.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

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