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Harvey Scales Jr. honors his dad on 414 Live

This week we were graced with Harvey Scales Jr. at 414 Live, son of the late and great Milwaukee legend Harvey Scales Sr.

Jordan and Jr. chat about Harvey Scales' royal influence on his son, digging through the crates, the family business, and legacy with the release of his latest record "Mansa Musa 3." Jr. sets the bar for himself and other emerging artists of what can be achieved with his music in his single "Black Excellence." The latest record also includes topics of love, growth and his father's influence. "I wanted to celebrate his accomplishments and celebrate the accomplishments of other black (artists)."

Watch a special performance with Harvey Scales Jr. live performing new music off of "Mansa Musa 3."

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to "414 Live with 'Harvey Scales Jr.'" on Spreaker.