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Is he really 61 years old? </br> Happy birthday, Joe Jackson!

British singer/songwriter Joe Jackson turns 61 today.

And while he's likely best remembered for hits like "Is She Really Gong Out With Him?," "Stepping Out," "You Can't Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want)," and "Breaking Us In Two," he continues to write and compose classical music and jazz, including a new (2015) record called "Fast Forward."

What some may not realize is how punky some of the songs from his debut album "Look Sharp" were.

"One More Time" and today's song Shadow song, "Got The Time" bristle with ferocity.

In 1990, thrash-metal band Anthrax covered the song and upped the ante a tick or two.

Joe wasn't thrilled with their version but was happy for the extra influx of cash, he told Q Magazine in 1991: "I think it sounds kind of clumsy compared to the way we did it on the live album. I mean, our version is really smoking. Theirs is actually slower than ours, and kind of lumpen. The way I feel about it is, 'Thanks for the royalties, guys.'"

Got a shadow idea?