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Happy Birthday, Lloyd Cole

I'm on the air here six days a week and yet, the ONE day I have off (Sunday) just happened to be the birthday of my favorite artist ever, Lloyd Cole. While my favorite bands rotate between The Rolling Stones, The Replacements, Cheap Trick, The Hold Steady and a few others, Lloyd is my main man -- both solo and his 80's work with his band, The Commotions. He still makes excellent music, thirty years after his debut with The Commotions and has a Commotions boxed set coming out this month. I've had the pleasure of meeting Lloyd and have had drinks with him on several occasions. I also spent an awfully long time crafting a guide to his catalog about eight years ago which you can find here. We play the title track from Lloyd's Commotion 1984 debut.

And we get the cover from Tori Amos and her "Strange Little Girls" album.