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Celebrate 'Bon Iver Day' </br>with 5 most interesting covers</br> of 'Skinny Love'

In honor of Bon Iver Day and two sold out shows at The Riverside Theater, I decided to pick some of the most interesting covers of Bon Iver's big tune "Skinny Love" from the first album "For Emma, Forever Ago."

While doing research, I found hundreds of covers on Youtube. Then I checked out Soundcloud -- at least 500 versions and remixes of "Skinny Love."

Below are my picks for the most interesting takes on "Skinny Love." Of course, none of these covers can compare to the original.

1. Birdy
The first one is probably the most popular cover.  It was done by a young artist, Birdy, out of the UK.  The video has garnered over 3 million views.


2. Ed Sheeran
The next cover comes from another UK artist who is gathering a lot of buzz for his current single "You Need Me, I Don't Need You."  His take on "Skinny Love" was performed for the UK paper The Sun.


3. Jess Dunbar
Of all the covers, I really like this Sydney's singer/songwriter voice. It has kind of smokey vibe.


4. Clara C
This has to be most vocally-rich version of Skinny Love. It was done by a very young looking musician, Clara C., from Los Angeles.


5. Ruby Isle
This is has to be the most interesting take on Skinny Love. Ruby Isle is a band formed by Minneapolis' Mark Mallman and high school friend Dan Geller. It's from a covers project, in which they cover the #1 songs on the music blog aggregator

If you know of some interesting video covers of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" post the link in the comment section below.  Happy Bon Iver Day!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee