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Spoon discuss their latest album 'Lucifer on the Sofa' and share two exclusive performances

Earlier this month indie-rock veterans Spoon released their latest album, "Lucifer on the Sofa," to the usual strong reviews from fans and critics alike.

As frontman Britt Daniel tells us, the band set out to make their most rock-minded record in years, following 2017's funk-heavy record "Hot Thoughts."

"The last record we made was very keyboard based, and a lot of those songs were figured out in the studio," Daniel explained. "So we were writing those songs while we were recording. And you end up with a different song that way, versus if you write a song then hone it in the studio with four or five guys.

"We wanted to go down that road of a more natural record, maybe more like how we used to do it," Daniel continued, "And I think it affected the sound for sure."

Spoon | Courtesy photo

Daniel said he relished having the time to perfect these songs. "Something we figured out while we were touring the last record is we kept coming up with versions of songs on 'Hot Thoughts' that were better than the record, several songs," Daniel said. "And I kept thinking, I'd wished we'd figured that out before we recorded it. So going back to Austin was part of the process, but it all felt mingled in together as this way to make a rock record."

Hear us talk about all that, as well as his take on how Austin has changed over the years, the inspiration behind the band's new single "Wild," and the record's ties to Milwaukee, in our interview below.
Dori Zori's Britt Daniel interview

You can also watch two exclusive performances from the band below.

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