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Sarah Jarosz opens up on her latest album, 'Polaroid Lovers'

Courtesy of the artist

Are you someone who prefers to work alone — or do you find you flourish with a team? Even if you believe you fall into the former category, today's session might convince you to give a little more teamwork a shot.

Up to this point in her career, Sarah Jarosz has been more of a solitary songwriter — and in today's episode, she talks about why she was so protective of her craft, and why she decided to open up to more collaboration for her new album, Polaroid Lovers.

The album was produced by Daniel Tashian (who's worked with artists like Kacey Musgraves) and sees Jarosz exploring new, rockier sonic territory. But just because she's trying out new things doesn't mean she's left behind the instrument she called her musical soulmate.

You'll find out what that is, and we'll talk about the record coming up, along with a live performance of the lead single from Polaroid Lovers, recorded live for World Cafe, "Jealous Moon."

Set List

  • "Jealous Moon"
  • "Take the High Road"
  • "Runaway Train"
  • "Columbus & 89th"

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