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Escape the cold season with the tropical warmth of L'Resorts

Whether you're a fan or foe of holiday music, it's hard to escape the themed, cozy and nostalgic sounds that are synonymous with winter. However, few artists create new, original songs for the festive season—and it's even more rare when they incorporate tracks that take you away from the lower temps and hard bite of cold. But Milwaukee duo L'Resorts did just that.

The tropical pop group released their first EP "Christmas is a Time for Dreaming", making for somewhat of a much needed oxymoron of a debut. The four-track release features complimentary vocals, soothing percussion and a welcoming marimba, making it a nice escape from the traditional seasonal music. The EP is a fun, carefree debut that's perfect for this time of year.  And proceeds also benefit Hunger Task Force! Listen (and donate!) below: