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Zed Kenzo continues to make 2019 her year with her new EP 'Baby Swag'

Between fresh premieres, international shows for the Midwest Music Exchange, new music videos and everything in between,  Zed Kenzo is setting up this year to be her biggest yet. She's been trickling new releases since January and just dropped her new EP "Baby Swag" earlier this week.

The six-track EP is a culmination of her diverse musical influence ranging from rap, hip-hop (heavily influencing "Fresh" and "Drop It" - even catching Princess Nokia's attention with the rapper's name drop) and countering with more rock/emo stylings (like with "Immortal," produced by Immortal Girlfriend, a new take on that nostalgic angst you can find in almost any millennial's 2007 iPod mini).

The past year was filled with growth and development for Zed, but in 2019, the rapper isn't boxing herself in with any category and honing in on her manifold talent with confidence and tenacity.

Listen to "Baby Swag" below and be sure to catch her Friday at Company Brewing.