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MKE Music Premiere! Listen to 'Changes' by No No Yeah Okay

Every week, 88Nine teams up with a Milwaukee band or artist to bring you an exclusive music premiere. It's pretty rad.

This week, we're stoked to share a new track from No No Yeah Okay. The band is made up of Mark Gage (producer), Christopher Quasius (guitar), Colin Plant (vocals) and Joshua Paynter (bass). Listen to their new song "Changes"s below, before its release on all major streaming platforms.


First impressions

by Salam Fatayer

No No Yeah Okay’s new track starts off hazy, misty and almost angelic.

But within 20 seconds, the song transitions into a beat that’s youthful and energetic, perhaps to signify growth. It’s a “cool for the summer” take on a topic that most fear -- change. And a playful reminder to take in all the sweet simplicity life can offer, because things can change in an instant.

No No Yeah Okay brings a certain softness to electronic-dance music. The beat is lush and textured, packed with zest and vibrancy. The lyrics “I’ve been changing” loop over the hook, bright and airy, crafted for rolling down the windows and taking the song for a ride.

Rather than fearing that change, embrace it. In its own way, “Changes” serves as a symbol for Milwaukee itself, a city constantly evolving with new businesses, cultures and identities.

It’s simply changing.

In the band's words

Changes is the first of a collection of new songs by No No Yeah Okay inspired by our own personal development and transformations. With this new material we wanted to modify several of our creative processes to experiment with what has been working and what could use improvement.

Songwriting can be a selfishly therapeutic act, so its important to use those moments to remind those listening that they aren't the only ones feeling a certain way. Getting older often comes with negative connotations and it doesn't have to. There are so many changes that inspire celebration and we just wanted to promote looking at them in a healthy and optimistic way.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee