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Limber Brain breaks into spring with charisma and positivity on 'Pathways'

Riley Campos a.k.a. Limber Brain, the one-man multi-instrumentalist, released a new album "Pathways" earlier this month.

The follow-up to his cozy and nostalgic fall release "Seizures", "Pathways" sticks to his seasonal disposition and takes a refreshing and cathartic approach to warmer, sunnier days.

The 12-track compilation sheds the winter blues with even more transparency through optimistic melodies and charismatic lyrics.

While the album showcases the musician's strengths -- immersive harmonies, complimenting instrumentals and an effortless authenticity to his lyrics -- there's a more upbeat and buoyant sound to the fitting spring release. Campos makes positive and encouraging observations of self-reflection throughout the album and draws out the various pathways that come during transitional periods.

Listen to the new album below. And catch the album release party on May 16th at The Back Room at Colectivo, as Limber Brain plays along with Sego.