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Milwaukee's No Seatbelts share some romantic jazz-soul fusion

For this week's premiere, we've got a romantic tune from the Milwaukee jazz-soul fusion ensemble No Seatbelts. Stream and read about "The One" below.
No Seatbelts - "The One"

First impressions

No Seatbelts give some classic sounds a modern spin on this one. Ambrosial keyboards play off of singer Kyndal Johnson's velvety voice as she sings about an especially fulfilling kind of love. Consider this track a perfect addition to any Valentine's Day playlist.

Artists' statement

“The One" is about being in love with someone and then realizing that you can't live without this person. This person makes you happy and life is not the same without them. The lyrics describe the feeling of wanting the other person to realize the true love that you have for them and the true love that they are looking for.”

"I can search high and low and there ain't no one like you. You're what I'm looking for, and you're looking for me too. You don't have to look far, it's where you are, so open up your eyes and see me baby.”

“The One” is just one song that will be released with our EP "Red Light Running." The EP is set to be released in the coming months.